Discusses the tendency  -- well known to Marxists, even to theistic Marxists like the author -- of
stock-market capitalism (as opposed to bond-funded capitalism) to almost inevitably lead to war and
preparations for war. Proposes Reforms of market capitalism -- including Amendments to the US
Constitution -- which would reform market capitalism into what the author calls "free-enterprise
socialism" -- 20-Hours-work for 40-hours pay, with the difference not paid by the employer, but by EIC's
(Earned Income Credits) funded by a Social-Profits-Sharing Surtax of 95% on net
personal-consumption incomes greater than the GNAPCI (Gross National Adult Per Capita Incomes
($64,040.44 per adult in the USA in 2012) after costs of doing business, investments, depreciation,
donations and all other taxes; with tri-partite (NOT Tri-lateral!) Boards of Directors of all for-profit
companies having 100 or more employees, namely, 1/3 workers and affiliated farmers; 1/3 stock- and
bondholders, insurers of and, lenders to, a given enterprise, and 1/3 Members of the general public
(viz, "consumers" and public stakeholders. (Revelation 16:19)  
                                                                                                    E-Book: $9.01

Letters sent to the Hungarian Academy of
Sciences in Dec. 1988, outlining the "third way
between communism and capitalism"  for
which Hungary had set out in 1956-1968.  The
letter led the Hungarian Government to
dismantle the Iron Curtain between Hungary
and Austria, which led to the collapse of the
Warsaw Pact and the end of the division of
Europe.  Another, Open Letter was sent in
May, 1989 to then-Presidents G.H.W. Bush
and  M. Gorbachev and Deng Hsiao-Ping,
outlining the same "Third Way"  110 pp.

E-Book::  $7.64
Discusses the First and Second World Wars as the partial Fulfillment of End times-Prophecy, and
how Hitler, because he sought to obliterate the Jews, mainly sought thereby to obliterate Chiist as
"King of the Jews", and so was the anti-Christ of this Age.
Goes on to discuss how -- despite the current economic crisis -- we are at the "dawning of the
Messianic -- or Church Age --" of "profound peace until the moon be no more"  132 pp.  (NB:  
Written before Climate Catastrophe became a pressing issue  -- yet Luke's Gospel warns of
coastal flooding due to higher sea-levels [ Luke 21:25-28]). Such   Climate catastrophe now can
only by reduced and attenuated , not altogether avoided, and only by the most rapid shift away
from the Central Planning of Big-Oil, Big-Coal; Big Fracking, Big Auto; Big Banks; and Dick

E-book: $8.07       Paper-Back: $17.23        Case-Laminate: $21.53

Cites Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Antonio Gramsci,
and the Hebrew-Christian Scriptures, on how atheism
is an essentially bourgeois ideology -- or
false-consciousness -- and how Catholic,  Christian,
and Hebrew-Catholic Theism is the correct "outlook,
stand and method" of the working class.
Long discussion of the revealed God of the
Hebrew-Christian Scriptures as "the working God of
the working classes" and neither an aristocratic nor a
bourgeois "god".  Long discussion of the material
reality of the human soul and the life after death.  220

E-Book: $9:35
The USA is still the leading nation on earth, not just because of
"hard-power" (military bases around the world), but also because of
"soft-power",  the reservoir of good-will towards the USA from the fact
that our Constitution's Art. I,Sect. 8; Sent. 10, requires us to enforce the
Law of Nations.  So the Founding Fathers intended to have us become
the world's policeman.  
But our foreign policy is schizoid, with undercover moles from the "Skull
and Bones" secret society (founded at Yale in 1857) embedded
throughout government  and the military, and which seeks to replace the
market and the republican form of  government  which generally
accompanies it in it's first -- but not in it's last -- phases.  "Skull and
Bones" seeks not that,  but a reversion to big-landowner feudalism -- or
even slavery. So the USA, as its own and the world's guarantor of the
republican (viz. representative) form of government, and the Holy Land
are closely connected.
And because of our schizoid foreign and domestic policies, the reservoir
of good-will the USA had after WW II is evaporating
The book "Economic Reform ..." (shown below) gives the reforms
favorable to the Working/Farming Class, which would restore the good
will towards the USA -- both of our own people and of the peoples of the
world.                   236 pp.
Discusses the International Militia movement in the light of the Hegelo-Marxist analysis of history as
proceeding through a process of "thesis; antithesis; and  then synthesis between them at a new and
different type of civilization and world-view", which incorporates the best of both the thesis and the
anti-thesis at a new level of community and unity of thought, word and action.  Also discusses the
"Skull and Bones' conspiracy as an attempt to manipulate public-events to end up not in
worker-farmer civilities, but in brute displays of raw violence, which is the emotional core of the
system of feudalism, which "Skull and Bones" seeks to re-impose instead of "Judeo-Christian-Islamic
free-enterprise socialism".  138 pp.

E-book:  $8.40   
A universal synthesis of the best ancient and modern natural and social sciences with
the best biblical and Qur'anic and the other world-religions', Sacred Writings around
the Peace and Unity of the Holy Land of Y'shuallah Ha-MasiiH (Jesus-God the Anointed
Priest- King-Savior of the Universe and all the Just from sin, death, hell and entropy.)

Book Description (formally called "Annotation"):

The Philastinians (the "Palestinians") are actually the core of the Ten Lost Tribes of
Israel -- Ephraim and Manasseh, the "Joseph" tribes -- and so are called to eventually
form one nation with the Judahites (Jews), initially as a Federal Union of Israel Alleluia
of the Land of Jesus, incorporating all Israel (including all Judea, with Israel annexing
the SW Bank, guaranteeing Israeli citizenship to all its residents; North-Philastina
(Ephraim/Samaria), and Jordan. This book quotes both Hebrew Scriptures and Islamic
Qur'an's agreement on this key point. Moreover, the dispute between Zionism and
Arabism, Jews and Philastinians is NOT a racial issue, as these peoples are all of the
same Semitic race. It is a theo-political issue within one race, and in particular, within
one nation of that race. However, both Jews and Ephraimites (Philastinians) have
intermarried with multiple other races and faiths, so both current Israel and current
Philistine are multi-racial societies, and multi-confessional societies. Hence the issue
between them is also a religious issue. One that can only be solved by agreement
between mainstream Judaism and mainstream Islam as to who the Messiah is. Qur'an
calls Issa (Jesus), son of the Immaculate Virgin Mary, the Messiah in at least half a
dozen places. Twelve mainstream Rabbis, and the contemporary revival of
Protestant-inspired Messianic Judaism and the Catholic-inspired Association of Hebrew
Catholics, plus many of the prayers, rituals and customs of practicing Rabbinic Judaism
all point -- either directly or subtly -- to Issa (Jesus, Y'Sua, Y'shua) as the Cosmic
Messiah from sin, death, hell and entropy. And natural science and the five other world
religions do, too! Peace and Justice in the Holy Land will lead to peace and justice
between nations, races, religions, genders, generations, social classes, and humanity
and nature. The author has been devoted to that quest since age five. He is now
sixty-four. He brings to this task the Bachelors and the Masters in International
Relations, respectively, from Georgetown U. and Johns Hopkins U., and decades of
research in religion and the natural and social sciences, as well as decades of
back-channel correspondence with world political, religious and media leadersl. This
book contains many of those letters.  Please read this book carefully, and slowly. This
available for discounts of 10% to 100% to certain eligible persons. Please see
www.w-e-r-co.com, click the AWPJ Tab, for that information."   560 pp. By James T.

E-Book: $22.62                       PaperBack:  $31.80              Large-Print:paper:  $57.44

Peace works Press, Catalog of
by Thomas J. Kuna-Jacob or by James T. Jacob
"Einstein, Freud and Marx vs. Darwin: Evolution
through Jesus' and
Mary's Eyes..." A discussion of the role of both
Immanent and Transcendent Consciousness and
Intelligent Design in the formation of Organic Life on
this ancient earth and  in this still more ancient
Universe, with a Critique of the atheistic works of
formerly Baptist Daniel C. Dennet as being irrational,
unscientific and self-serving.

And critique of the Anglo-American "Big-Bang
hypothesis" since the author finds the Swedish
"plasma" hypothesis to be both more rational and more
explanatory of all the data..  

E-book: $8.50
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Toward a New Strategy for
Progressive Republicans,
Pro-Life Democrats,
and the Global Center
by, and © Thomas J. Kuna-Jacob, BSFS, MA,
and FEBDA (Full Employment and Business-
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