FEBDA (Full-Employemnt and
Business-Democracy Alliance)

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                 For Immediate Release

Monday, June 18, 2012                            

FROM: Tom Kuna, B.S.F.S., MA, International Relations

One Hundred-Fifty years ago, the Republican Party was the Party of the Left, and the Democrats of the Right! Free Soilers,
Women's Suffragens, and Abolitionists, and Northern businessmen joined together to create the GOP in 1858. Slavocrats
dominated the Democratic Party. WHAT HAPPENED??!! That's a long story involving Immigrant workers (including the Black
Migration from Southern fields to Northern cities; Kennedy-Johnson-and King's wedding of the Democratic Party to the Black
Consciousness Movement; Northeasterners migration to the Southwest, the Rise and later Fall of the US Socialist Party under
Debs, and Nixon's abominable "Southern Strategy").

Nowadays, the situation has gotten so bad that there is a local Republican precinct committeeman from Alton who claims the
GOP is the Party "of, by and for Anglo-Saxon white men!" What happened to "of, by, and for the people"??. What a sad fate
for the Party of Lincoln!!

I am a Lincoln, Teddy R. and Eisenhower REPUBLICAN, and I am fighting for the soul of the Republican Party against the
Limbaugh-Glenn Beck-FOX zombie-right wingers who are trying to seize and subvert the GOP into a right-wing caricature of
what we used to called "The Grand Old Party".

The Main Planks of my Platform are:

1) International Treaty Law mandating the full-time work-week at 20-hours work for 40-hours pay, with the difference paid not
by the employer, but by Earned Income Credits funded by a graduated Shared-Profits Surtax on the net surplus, after all-
other-taxes, incomes of the general rich in each nation, by province or State. Surplus-incomes of the general rich in the USA
taken as a whole in 2010 was net, disposable income of $55,000 or more per individual and $110,000 or more per married
couple, or $200,000 per married quadruple (yes, up to four people should be allowed to contract a civil-unions with each
other, provided at least one is of opposite gender! – for marriage has always originally meant a household union of “one man
with one woman for natural life” and must remain the ideal form of domestic life). Those amounts are the GNAPCI (Gross
National Adult Per Capita Income) of the USA in 2010.

That graduated Surtax on Social Profits/Social Wages (SP/SW Tax/Fund) reflects that NO ONE could be rich except by way of
Society's elaborate division of labor, and all of government and civil society being organized to promote and protect that
division of labor.

Hence, the graduated Social-Profits/Social-Wages Surtax should start at 75% and ratchet up to 95% of all surplus disposable
incomes above each State's or Provinces' GSAPCI (Gross State Adult Per Capita Income), with the 75% rate starting at the
$55,000 adult per capita level (on average), and the 95% rate reached at the $100,000 adult per capita level, in Real 2010
dollars; with deductions from taxable income for costs of doing business; depreciation; interest-expense; education,
retirement and health savings and investment accounts; and health and all other insurance premiums; all other taxes, and a
standard deduction of $4,000 per adult, before the SP/SW tax kicks in. NO ONE needs more than that, and the fact that some
people take more than that is DIRECTLY responsible for the fact that billions are starving, ill-fed, ill-clothed, ill-housed, under-
educated and under-employed!

2) The Second main plank of my Platform to save the GOP from the plutocratic right and their half-correct, half-wrong mass
supporters, the middle class-Tea-Party  (see: the page on this site:  
platform.html is: Tri-Partite (NOT Tri-Lateral) Boards of
Directors of all business-entities having 100 or more waged or salaried or commissioned or piece-rate workers and affiliated
farmers, no matter how tightly or loosely, publically or privately held or owned. That is, Boards of Directors of from 9-99, with
1/3 workers and affiliated farmers, elected by them in secret ballots; 1/3 stock and bond-holders or lenders to or insurers of
that enterprise (elected by them in secret ballots); and 1/3 members of the general public, elected either directly by
Township; City; County; State (or Province); National; and Trading Bloc (ie: EU, NAFTA, CAFTA, ASEAN, etc.) Economic Councils
of from 9-999, in public balloting. The members of which Economic Councils, 50% plus or minus one, of each naturally-
occurring gender, would be elected by all residents aged 12 or above of each jurisdiction, in secret ballots, in staggered thirds,
every two years, for 6-year terms; or the Public Board Members of larger entities would be elected by public voting of
delegates to bi-annual, simultaneous, joint-conventions of delegates, workers/farmers, and investors in, each given

This Reform brings every Stake-holder into the investment and management decisions of every mid-to large-sized
enterprise. And it reflects again that NO ONE can be wealthy except by the elaborate SOCIAL-DIVISION OF LABOR, that all of
us rely on in the contemporary world, whether rich or poor.

3) The Third Plank of my Platform involves Congress passing a law that human personhood begins at the moment a human
egg becomes fertilized with a human sperm.  The Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade had said that the whole case for "abortion-
on-demand fails if Congress make such a finding fof scientific and legal fact.  Currently, US Senator Wicker of Mississippi is
backing  a drive in Congress to do just that.  The Declaration of Independence's statement that the RIGHT to LIFE (from
fertilization/conception to natural death) is PRIOR to and PRIMARY over all other rights, including the rights to "liberty and the
pursuit of happiness" is MORE a part of the Constitution than a so-called "penumbra of privacy"; that hence elective abortion
is unconstitutional; that legal personhood of each human begins at fertilization/conception; that elective abortion is
unconstitutional besides being 3.5 times deadlier to women than live-birth; and that artificial insemination of humans, IVF
and human cloning or mixing of human genes with animal or plant genes is the unconstitutional establishment of the false
religion of "scientism" (the notion that mankind, through science, should be free, aided and abetted in doing anything it
conceives of as naturally possible -- which "scientism" led to the Holocaust of European Jewry and many others); and that
abortion can be allowed only in the cases of Court-proven threat to the physical lives of both mother and child(ren), as in
ectopic pregnancy; mutual chemical toxicity, or otherwise inoperable malignant maternal tumor too close to the womb.

4) The Fourth Plank of my Platform is to legalize as medicinal as well as recreational all herbs and plants now considered
"illegal drugs", but only in their natural states, and never as smokes, injectants or inhalants, but rather for digestive
consumption, and the expunging of all criminal records, and the release from prison or jail of all inmates whose sole "crime"
was the use, possession, production, or trade of a naturally occurring plant then considered illegal. The "drug war" is a code
word for the establishment of a racist, classist police-state in the USA and much of the world, and, as three Latin American
Presidents recently warned, it is a direct threat to democracy, ie. "to the republican form of government".

5) The Fifth Plank of my Platform is to outlaw and destroy all movies showing graphic, meaningless violence as inimical to
“the republican form of government” because they destroy the sense of community solidarity which is an essential pre-
requisite to the republican form of government (US Constitution. ART IV, § 4.)

6) The Sixth Plank of my Platform is to require all gas-stations by 2018 to install an automotive and truck Better Place
Lithium-Ion Battery swapping station on their premises, (see:
www.betterplace.com ) or face a 50% of base-price surtax on
the gasoline or diesel fuel sold at their station(s); which would go into a Revolving Loan Fund to Gas-Stations to do that.

7) The Seventh Plank of my Platform is to require all public buildings whether of the US, a State, or local or educational
government, to install, at the corners of their buildings and/or on the roofs, at least 4 AC electricity-generating windmills of
the type promoted by
www.moreenergy.com or of the type promoted by www.windterra.com/ , or of any larger type; and on
their roofs or vacant land, parabolic solar-mirror thermal collectors from:  
www.sopogy.com  ; or www.suntrough.com ;or
www.arevasolar.com ;and for the Army Corps of Engineers to install water-driven electric turbines in all their dams; and to
require all municipalities of 8,000 or more to install methane-driven AC generators using the “swamp-gas” at their sewage
treatment plants; and likewise, to require the same of all cattle and hog and poultry farms and feed-lots; funded by the
same Granting/and Revolving Loan Fund.

Anyone who actually consider this Platform, can see right away that it means in the long run, smaller government and lower
base taxes insofar as they be used for governmental operations, though it definitely means higher Social Profits/Social
Wages taxes on the rich, which funds are 97% to be used NOT for governmental operations, but for transfer payments from
the rich (who are only rich because of the social division of labor) to the middle-classes and working poor (who make the rich,
rich, because of their labor). This platform makes everyone middle class – which is the essential social foundation for “the
republican form of government”.

I, Thomas Kuna, BSFS, MA, herewith announce that I will not at this time run for Congress in the Illinois 13th District.  My
business and my non-profit and my writing and publishing currently demand all my time and treasure resources and there is
not time time or funding to run for Congress in 2012.

Former Contender for the Illinois Republican Party’s Nomination for US Senator from Illinois in 2010
POBox 75
Kane, Illinois, 62054-9733 (an Illinois exurb of St. Louis, Missouri),50 Miles N. Of Downtown St. Louis, off US 67, between St.
Louis and Quad Cities (viz: Davenport, Iowa, etc)
1-618-494-5080, and 1-217-942-9730
tom_kuna@yahoo.com ,

BUY  MY $19.18  E-BOOK ; $24.00 Paperback AT:
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World Peace & Justice & the Future Architecture of the
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On FRIDAY, May 1, 2009, the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker, I had formally announced to the Illinois and U.S. Publics that I
sought the Illinois Republican Party’s nomination in 2010 for the Junior U.S. Senator from Illinois.  
That effort was unsuccessful.
I now announce the Launching of the Interest Group, Public-Educational and Lobbyng Non-Profit:  FEBDA (Full-Employment
and Business Democracy Alliance on the Below, 20-4-40 + EICs, Platform.  I may or may not run for Senate or Congress
again, but if I do, it would be as a Pro-Life, smaller-gov't, Republican, on the bi-partisan FEBDA platform

FEBDA is strongly PRO-LIFE, AND PRO-WORKING & FARMING FAMILIES.  FEBDA's main three planks are: 20-hours work for 40-
hours Pay, with the difference paid NOT by the employer, but by Earned Income Credits (EICs) funded by a special, graduated
surtax on the net, natural-persons’ individual incomes greater than the GNAPCI (Gross National Adult Per Capita Income)
[$53,000. in 2010] AFTER all other personal, sales and property taxes; AFTER fixed-real investments and depreciation, and
costs of doing business; and AFTER donations.  On the 2009 Tax-Tables, that would have been a surtax on Taxable Income
greater than $63,500 for persons filing singly, and greater than $250,500 on persons filing as a married couple.

EICs were, after all, the brain-child of Dr. Milton Friedman (may here rest in peace), who was the chief economist of
Republican-conservative, free-market economics. They were enacted into the Tax-Code during the Reagan Administration.

My qualifications for this bold proposal are:

(1) I have sought the right strategy and tactics for a just and lasting world peace, with lawful freedom and prosperity for all,
since my age of 5, and especially since my age of 8;
(2) with that aim, I earned the BSFS (Bachelor of Science Degree in Foreign Service) from
Georgetown University; then the MA in International Studies from Johns Hopkins;
(3) the BSFS is equal to 5 minors: i) History; ii) Government; iii) Economics; iv) Pre-Law;
v) Foreign Languages;                                                                                              
(4) my MA at Hopkins concentrated in the Social Aspects of Economic Development;
(5) upon graduation, I chose to become a High School teacher in the Washington, D.C.,Public Schools rather than to become
a functionary for the military-industrial-diplomatic-financial complex;
(6) since 1977, I have been writing books and engaging in unofficial back-channel diplomacy.

These efforts contributed to the 1989 decision of the Hungarian Government to tear down its Iron Curtain and to allow E.
Germans to emigrate to the West, which led inexorably to the end of the Cold War. Other efforts have led to the Oslo
Process, the Road Map, the Arab Peace Plan, and the negotiations between Israel and Philastina, and, since 1983, to
managing a 60% Employee-Owned Co., (www.w-e-r-co.com ) inspired by the Illinois Employee-Ownership Assistance Act of
that year, passed by the then-Republican State Legislature, signed into law by that great-Illinois Republican Governor “Big”
Jim Thompson, and based on the Republican principle of working toward “The Ownership Society” rather than the Democrats’
“Bread-and-Circuses Welfare Society”.

My studies taught me that, in addition to the standard business cycle of some 4-7 years of
prosperity followed by 14-18 months of recession, there is a 50-70 years' cycle of relative prosperity followed by more severe
recession, or even depression, as a certain complex of technologies which had saturated its effective demand (which is
defined as demand able to exert itself with cash or credit) during its relative expansion phase, is often followed by a period of
5-10 years of uncertainty as the newer complex of technologies attempts to become the standard. This cycle is called the
Kondratieff cycle, after the economist who first perceived it.

There is, however, another cycle of roughly 500-1,000 years of relative prosperity and expansion of comparatively free
markets, followed by 300-1000 years of bureaucratism, usually degenerating into patronage feudalism or even slavery. This
cycle is called the Quigley-Bibby cycle, after the historians who first perceived it.

The current financial and economic crisis is at the bottom-end of a 70-year boom based on the automobile, the super-
highway (and resulting commercial, industrial and residential real-estate boom), the jet plane,consumer appliances, and
computers. It is no longer a sufficient engine of growth for the world market.

It doesn’t have to lead either to the bottom of a Kondratieff cycle or to that of a Quigley-Bibby cycle, depending on how we
handle it.

The new technologies of solar-thermal, wind-, photo-voltaic, micro-hydro, geo-thermal, tidal and piezoelectric (pressure) co-
generation, nano-technologies, bio-diesel and micro-algae food and bio-diesel production are not yet ready to carry the world
market – mostly because we wasted the last 30 years not investing sufficiently in them.

They are IN FACT, MORE LABOR-INTENSIVE than the auto-appliances-real-estate-jet-computer complex, since recent studies
show the Green-Economy generates 5-8 times more employment per dollar invested than the old, dirty economies (SEE:
Green America (formerly Co-op America)

The quickest way to incorporate the green technologies as engines of growth is to enact an International Treaty among the 20-
chief trading nations which would mandate that the full-time work-week be 20-hours for 40-hours pay, with the difference paid
for by Earned-Income Credits (EICs), funded by a special graduated surtax on the net personal incomes of the general rich of
each nation, (or State or Province) insofar as they exceed the GNAPCI (Gross National Adult Per Capita Incomes) of their
country of citizenship or residency, (or State or Province), whichever is higher. This graduated surtax would be on NET personal
Incomes, after all other taxes, costs of doing business, investments and charitable, religious or educational, etc. donations.

20-hours work for 40-hours pay (viz.  20-hours work-a-week for twice the hourly pay -- paid by a Social Surplus Profits Tax on
the General Rich of each signatory nation) is also the ONLY macro-way to successfully integrate the over 2 billion people in
the world who earn less than a dollar a day and who have no access to clean water, much less to consumer-appliances or
computers, or the newer-complex of Green-Technologies. This policy would make their demand for goods and services
effective all across the board, by giving them access to decent employment at decent pay.  Even in the USA, the
unemployment rate for youth between 18-24 is 30%!! (By contrast, the unemployment rate for the baby-boom generation is
currently only 3%).

Moreover, 20-for-40 is necessary because of the “productivity trap”.

The market economy makes profits possible for anyone by mainly, and continually, making labor-power more productive per
unit-labor-time input. This makes society wealthier in the “short” run, but in the long run, it makes people appear redundant
and expendable, leading to the wars and genocide that have often accompanied a crisis in the economy.

The ONLY way to peacefully solve the “productivity trap” – even in prosperous nations -- is by enacting 20-for-40 + EICs.
Milton Friedman knew this. That’s why he proposed it and Reagan accepted it.

20-for-40 + EICs is also the ONLY way to adequately fund SSA and Medicare from payroll taxes, as 20-4-40 is paid by EIC
transfer-payments from the general rich to the payroll account of ALL businesses, and with a much higher rate of employment.

20-for-40 + EICs;  Tri-partite Boards of Directors of ALL for-profit business entities having 100 or more employees (1/3
workers; 1/3 owners; 1/3 members of the Public from townships, cities, counties, States (Provinces), Nations, and Multi-
National Trading Zones where that entity have a facility) , and the Federal Personhood Amendment, protecting the right to life
from the moment of fertilization/conception to the moment of natural death, are two principal reasons for the founding of

Any  person on earth who wish to join FEBDA in these noble causes by either or both of volunteering or donating, please
phone me at (217)-942-9730; or (618)-494-5080, or write me at:
POB 75                                     
Kane, Illinois, 62054-0075 USA,     
or see www.amend-the-constitutions.org                   

Be on the alert for the buttons on this site supporting local, regional and State, community-based micro-answers to the
universal crisis of unemployment and under-employment, such as  TIME-DOLLARS (see:
www.timebanks.org , 1-202-686-
5200) a
voluntary “complementary currency” already working well in over 900 USA communities, and B2B (Business-to-
Business)Voluntary Currency, used by 1/4 of all Swiss businesses since the 1930's!  (These press-releases are incorporated
now into this web-site)

“Complementary currencies”, and how they can help solve the crisis of public-sector, and especially, public-school and health-
care funding, as well as help to re-prosper the local-market-area small and mid-sized business and allied workers and
farmers who have always been the back-bone of the Republican Party, are discussed in depth under those buttons of this web-

Peace of Y’shuallah Ha-MasiîH (Hebrew-Arabic-Hebrew-Arabic for) Jesus-G-d, the Savior-King of the Universe and the Just
from sin, death, hell and entropy, the Black Davidic-worker, and In His Blessed-Virgin Mother, Mariyah, the Shechinah,
(Hebrew for) the Presence, the Tabernacle, of Elohallah (Hebrew-Arabic for) the Holy ONE, the Mighty ONE, the Immortal ONE,
the Most Merciful ONE,

Tom Kuna
(Full-Employment and Business-Democracy Alliance)  (Donations toward the $850 we need for a 501(c) 4 Non-Profit status
with  the IRS, mail a check or money-order made out to FEBDA, with note as to your name, address and place of
employment, to:

POB 75
Kane, Illinois, 62054-0075
(618)-660-0074 ; 1-217-942-9730
www.FEBDA.wordpress.com (Blog)
(Business: www.w-e-r-co.com )

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