Dear Friend or Acquaintance who has ever been in E-Contact with Tom Kuna-(Jacob), BSFS, MA,

It is our pleasure to introduce you to our company World Economic Renewal Co., a 60% Employee-Owned and Managed Co., and to our Non-Profit
Affiliate: St. Marcellus House(s) of Hospitality for Homeless Vets and others.. We are the Mid-West importer of POWER SAVER products from the Taiwan
company CHINED TECHNOLOGY INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD which has spent considerable time and resources in research and development of a product
that saves about half the power used in a typical home, apartment or office by converting dual-phase AC power to Single Phase AC Power

CHINED has been perfecting this product since 2002.

As a result of these considerable efforts, their team of engineers has developed a unique delivery system for Power Saver .

3 YouTube videos demonstrating this unique product are linked-to hereinbelow.

Don't take my word for it: See for yourself!


Please see the following youtube website about power saver introduction  (Please copy and paste these site addresses to your browser window):


MEGA Power saver also saves 5 ~ 30 % electric power usage. But the best benefit is being able to extend your home appliance products life.

Save in your home's electric power expense, also save your money.

Saving energy and reducing emissions of carbon dioxide is our common responsibility.

Brand Name: MEGA Power Saver

Model Number: CT-1688

Small,Lightweight,Easy Installation


Size : 116x136x76 mm

N.W : 450 g / G.W : 550 g

Packaging Detail: 12 unit /CTN (CTN SIZE : 61 * 44 * 25 cm), G.W : 7.50 KGS

Recommended for monthly electricity (Kwh/unit) Single Phase, 350Kwh to 1500Kwh per month

Product Description & Character:

1. Save energy efficiently

2. Environmental conservancy

3. Reduce electrical power loss by 5-30 %

4. save up to 30% of expense on electricity bill

5. Easy to use, maintenance free

6. Prolong the lifespan of appliances

7. Easy to use and no wiring needed. Just plug and start saving.

8. Prolong your electrical appliances' life span and maintenance cost.

9. Enhances quality of electricity supplies. Make supplies stable and safe.

10.Reduce temperature of wire

11.Stabilize electrical current

12.Reduce electrical overheating

13.Application: Power saver for Family

warranty : 2 Years

CE, UL Certificates

Insulating Material: Polycarbonate

Rate Voltage: 110V 60HZ / 220V 50HZ

Storage Temperature: -15 degree C to 60 degree C

Apply one unit of power saver to each typical household, by simply plugging into a wall socket or power strip, and clicking a button to turn on the unit..

The device can be use in any country that has an electricity supply of 110 to 130 VAC 60Hz or 220 to 240 VAC 50Hz.

This device is not designed for heavy duty load or monthly consumption higher than 6000kwh ( NOT for 3 Phase )

Q & A :

1) How long will it take for the Power Saver to pay for itself?

Generally about 6-12 months although the same factors above apply; some will see the payback in 6 months and some in a year or more.

2) Is the Power Saver easy to install?

Unlike older versions of this product, you do not need a qualified technician or electrician to install the Power Saver.

Simply plug it into a wall outlet and turn it on.

3) How many units would customers require?

For any normal apartment or house you just need to install one unit.

4) How long will the Power Saver last?

It has a planned lifespan of up to 10 years

Plug & Start Saving, Auto Switch Power Supply, Energy Saving Product, 2 Years warranty.

Please see the attached files as your reference.


Please see the following youtube website about power saver introduction :


in USA , the retail price is US $199.00, plus sales tax, USPS, Delivery Confirmation (to you), and shipping insurance

However, if you place an order for one or more of the Mega Power Savers by Dec.31, 2011, WERCo will charge only $179 for this very helpful and
money-saving device. That will make the final cost to you, with S & H, and sales tax, and confirmation of delivery, and insurance only $198.99. That's a
savings of $21.25 on each Unit. We will include a receipt itemizing the various costs in the same package with which we mail you your MEGA POWER

Also, 50% of WERCo's net-profit will be donated to the Non-Profit St. Marcellus Catholic Worker Houses for Homeless Vets and Others! There are 20
Homeless Vets in nearby Madison County, IL and we only have room for 1or 2 of them. There is a big old farmhouse in good condition in the village of
Kane, IL, that, if the St.MCWHouses could buy it, we could take in all 20 of them!

So please, warm your heart this winter by helping both yourself and your family (and your monthly power bill) while also helping Homeless Vets.

To Order, please go to the Homepage of and click the Mega Power Saver PayPal button.  Regular Price with Shipping, Handling and
Import duties:  $85.99.  + .0625 Illinois use tax = $91.37 + $10 Insured Shipping = $101.37:


A Division of W-E-R-Co.

c/o Thomas J. Kuna, BSFS, MA

103 Mill Street, POB 75

Kane, Illinois 62054-0075



PS We will place orders for a dozen Power Savers at a time, once we have enough to meet the Wholesale price and shipping from Taiwan to us, to
re-ship to you at the address you provide