World Economic Renewal Company, A 60% Employee-Owned
and Managed Company

Founded in 1983 to build German-style High-Speed Magnetic Levitation Trains at 340
mph in the Mid-West!  We had 26 Employee-Member Owners then, but no financial
history, so were stalled by capital-starvation.  The AWPJ non-profit affiliate
remained active.

Re-begun as a for-profit  General  Partnership in 2006 with 4
Employee-Member-Owner/Partners, with the aims of installing clean,
renewable-energy capacity on Real Estate: i.e. Passive-Solar & GeoThermal
Water/Space heating/cooling, Photovoltaic, Micro-Hydro, & Wind for homes,
businesses, large institutions, Solar- and Geo-Thermal AC-Power-to-Grid,  &
Sewage-Treatment- to-Methane to power multi-county Electricity-Generating
Capacity in the Metro-St.  Louis region.

We have a Diesel-Taxi in Ghana, which we hope soon to put on locally-processed
fry-diesel. We also have an I-Cafe  and computer repair and sales shop there.

We have a book-publishing Division in the USA:  Peace Works Press. (Click the
Image on the upper-left for a partial catalog).   To order some of our titles, go to
www.powells.com ,  Enter:  Peace Process in the Holy Land, or  Tom Kuna-Jacob ;

The Structure and Business Plan will be e-mailed on request. The Trade Secrets
only to Venture Angels who invest from $100 to $7,000 in our first semi-Private Bond
Offering of Real-Estate backed 5  year-bonds at 6% annual return to face-value,
payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually or on maturity, as the bearer
may choose,  (see the Contact US Tab).

The Structure and Business  Plan will also be e-mailed on request to Prospective
Employee-Member Owner/Partners who contract to invest at least 12% of their Net
pay from all sources for 50 years into Income-Earning-Rental-Real-Estate-Backed
Preferred Class-E (viz.: non-alienable) Partnership-Shares at 12% return, and 8% into
the same type of Real-Estate-Backed Preferred Class-S (viz.: alienable) Shares, also
at 12% return.  Each voluntarily transferable to Common Shares, or to each other,
under certain conditions.

Peace Works Press E-Book by James T. Jacob,
affiliated Writer:                                                             

"Peace Process in the Holy Land, World Peace
and Justice, and the Future Architecture of the
Universe  . . . ."  (See:  Upper Left hand flag for the covers,
which contain most of the Title) (e-book)

$19.18 @ 556 pp.

/Single-Phase Device via Vets-Green-Energy Co-Ops, Div of w-e-r-co. $99.99 + $19.99
S & H = $119.98     (til Christmas, Dec. 25, 2012)
. Normally $218.99 (With S & H and Ins) SAVE $99.01
=  $161.99                                     
(PPHL now also available in a Paperbound Edition (556 pp) for $24.00 + $6.00 S & H,
from  Peace Works Press                                                               

Peace  Works Press .  Click:
Advanced, at :  
Title:  'Peace Process in the Holy
Land..." for a book by Jacob; orr
Thomas J. Kuna-Jacob,  for some of
the books we've e-published so far.
Some e-books now available directly
from Publisher.
Peace Works Press
Assoc. for  World Peace, Justice  and the
Messianic-Christmatic Development of
Pro-Conservation yet
I am also exploring the
Johnson for the US
Congressman from the new
13th Illinois Congressional
District in the 2012 elections, to
foster a debate as to what it
will really take to save
free-enterprise and the
Republic from the twin-dangers
of oligarchic capitalism from
the right, and State
monopoly-capitalism from the


1. Flat Federal Income tax of
13% Adjusted Gross Incomes,
with $7,000 cost of living
standard deduction for  Head of
Household, for their Spouse,
and for one dependent, and
$5,000 for each additional
dependent; for health
insurance premiums; for fixed
investments; for depreciation;
for costs of doing business; for
rental-expenses for lower
income persons; for mortgage
interest on owner-occupied
homes and business interest;
and for Education Savings
Accounts; and for some Social
Security payouts.  BUT WITH
With this 13% tax going only to
government Operations and
debt service. BUT with a
graduated Social-Profits-
Sharing Surtax of 35% to 99%
of surplus disposable income
after the above deductions, and
after all other taxes, on net per
capita consumption incomes
per adult of $55,500-graduated
to $150,000 and above, with
this part of the government
income-stream forbidden to go
to General Revenues, and used
ONLY for transfer payments
from the general rich to the
working families under an
account called Social-Profits/
Social Wages Account
(SPSWA) -- or EITC Accounts

With 30% of general revenues
locked by statute into Social
Security and Medicare  

2  20-Hours Work-for-40
Hours Pay, Paid Not by the
Employer, but by EICs., The Way
to solve the General Crisis of
Capitalism when it occurs,
which is not likely to be for
another 30-100 years in the
future, but will be now, if we don't
tax the rich their fair share.
(Millionaires on average pay only
17% of their income -- a
lower-tax rate than that paid by
their employees -- and that is
not Just. (Ezekiel 39:8-10)..

2.  Local, Regional, State,
National and Inter-National  
(Business-to-Business) and
other forms of voluntary
"complementary currencies".
(SEE: (after June 10, 2009:


WHETHER  Federal, State or
Local for Planned Parenthood,  
that racist, sexist, fascist front
whose founder, Margaret
Sanger, supported Hitler and
euthanasia, as well as abortion;
and no public finds for human
embryo stem-cell "research",
cloning, and human In Vitro

Outlawing meaningless
violence-graphy and
pornography-with-violence, as
inimical to the republican
system of government and the
domestic tranquility of the
States, pursuant to Federal
Powers explicit in ART. IV,
Section  4 of the United States

5. Authorizing Fusion-Voting in
Federal, State and Local
Elections whereby multiple
political parties may nominate
and campaign for the same
candidate(s) for any given
Working Families Party     

6.  Internat'l Treaty Law  
mandating that all business
entities having 100 or more
employees (including indirect
francishee-employees) have a
Board of Directors of 9-99: 1/3
workers elected by them in secret
ballots; 1/3 investos, elected by
them in secret ballots; and 1/3
members of the public from the
townships, cities, counties,
States  (or Provinces or
Departments), Nations and
Multi-National Trading-Zone
(cf:  Revelation 16:19; a.k.a.

A Donations Button through
PayPal is found here-in-above:

Foreign Citizens may NOT
Contribute NOR may Trade or
Labor Unions or  Corporations
contribute (although their
affiliated-PACs may).  Private US
Citizens are encouraged to
contribute, but no more than
$2,400, unless they are a  
Federal Government or State of
Illinois Employee, in which case
they may NOT contribute, NOR
may persons or businesses on
Federal or State of Illinois
Government Contract(s),
contribute. (However, in view of
the Supreme Court's "ruling" that
"money is speech" and
corpora-tions are persons for all
purposes and not just for the
capacity to sue or be sued, and
to insulate the natural
persons/owners from personal
liablity, we will do our best to
work with government
employees to get a ruling that
they, too, may donate to political
campaigns, etc.

Donors MUST fill in  the form to
the right with their donation!!

For Senate-Campaign
Business, my e-address is:

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Obscenties will cause the whole comment to be deleted without
reading any of the message (George Washington hated
obscenities!!).  Threats will be reported to the FBI.
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