We are an International,  Illinois-based, 60% Employee-Owned and Managed  Company with
a Publishing House  called  Peace Works Press, in Illinois;


a  diesel-powered Taxi in  Ghana, West Africa , which now has a rebuilt engine installed at a cost of $630; and which  is driven 12
hours a day (daylight hours), 6-7 days a week.

A Mac powered Computer Graphics service in partnership with an Accra-based internet cafe.

Our US Member-Owner has a steady monthly pension income of $1,482.98 gross before taxes and Medicare, with $73.08  Net
Disposable Monthly Income after operating-overhead, debt-service, and living-expenses.

We seek to end our capital starvation by finding investors  into 30% down-payments on two apartment houses in Jerseyville with
large established net incomes. The legal structure of such investments could be under the form of WHMT's (Widely Held
Mortgage Trusts) or REMICS (Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits) or REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts.  Which one
of these 3 we  establish depends on whether there be many small investors (then we'd establish a WHMT); or a small number of
large investors (with whom we'd decide whether a REIT or a REMIC) be the better instrument. The  balance of the purchase price
of $340 K per building we will get from a local bank via 2  30-year mortgages.  (See more below).  The return on the Preferred,
Fixed Return (PFR) Mortgage-Backed Securities will be 8% until the Mortgages are paid off, and then the return to these PFRs
will be 12% to face-value in perpetuity..  The PFR's may will also be convertible to Common Shares at the time the WERCO have
its IPO, which is scheduled to occur when the Company have a net annual cash flow of $30 M after all costs of doing business
and dividend pay-outs.

We have major ambitions to build and operate High-Speed Magnetic Levitation trains (330 mph) throughout North, Central and
South America  !  And Delta-to-Desert Freshwater Pipelines at appropriate places (New Orleans to LA etc. ) in the US and the
world (Niger Delta to Lake Chad, etc).

For now, we are concentrating  on publishing Thomas J.  Kuna-(Jacob)'s  nearly 30 books written since 1979 (many for private
circulation in back-channel diplomacy and for the judiciary) -- but now, from 2011 till 2017, to be published  under the
Works Press imprint, for general circulation to the wide  Public.

Sooner than the Mag-Lev Projects and the Delta-to-Desert Freshwater Pipelines, we are aiming to install, with maintenance
contracts, de-centralized solar- and geo-thermal  and wind-driven heating and cooling, and or electricity-co-generation, at
households, small-businesses, and malls, hospitals, schools, gov't buildings,etc.. Of the 5-6 solar-thermal technology
manufacturers, the most cost effective are:  www.sopogy.com and www.suntrough.com
We plan to finance these through Preferred-Share Steady-Income-Producing Real-Estate-Backed Securities, paying a face-value
fixed return at 8%-12%, convertible into Common Stock  at the time the Company have its IPO  which is to be when it have a net
annual cash-flow of $30 Million in residential apartment houses rental income.

The AWPJ tab:  The Association for World Peace  and Justice ( a non-profit, membership affiliate, which provides discounts to
our books for members, clergy, religious, students, non-profits, the poor,and the media).  It also  buttons the 5-planks of our
General Partner (Tom Kuna-Jacob)'s proposed campaign for  US Congressman from the Illinois 13th Congressional District
(which goes caddy-cornered from Urbana to Edwardsville .

"Complementary-Currencies" and  "20-4-40+EICs"  go into greater depth on his campaign, (for which he re-imburses the
company for the Campaign's proportional share of this site).

"INVEST IN/CONTACT US"  provides both contact information and our current Private-Equity Offering of $200,000 in
Preferred-at-8% APR to Face Value Partnership Shares for the down-payments on two 13-unit Ap't Houses in Jerseyville, IL
(Metro St. Louis, MO).  These shares are in minimum amounts of  $1,000, and whole-number multiples thereof, to a maximum of
$100,000 tied to each ap't house,at a rate of return of 8% APR, payable monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, as the
Share-Holder desire. With the Partnership retaining First Refusal Rights on any and all re-sales of such a share in perpetuity, no
matter how many person(s) who may own such shares, or how many times they may change hands.

We expect to attach below, photos of the two Apt.-Blocks we hope to be able to buy in Jerseyville.  The total monthly return per apt.
house will be $666.67 to the Preferred Partnership Shareholder(s) in each designated apartment house. According to the table
below.  The minimum investment  is $100,000.oo, in a line of credit letter, with funds dispersed only on completion of a bank
loan for the balance

Per $100,000 invested, and pending actual purchase of any one of the  two ap't houses and the first month's rental income:

Monthly:                     $666.67
Quarterly:                $2001.01
Semi-Annually:     $4000.02
Annually                 $8000.04
A 60% Employee-Owned and Managed, GREEN Company
World Economic Renewal Co. (w-e-r-co.com )
$100,000 in a WHMT (Widely Held-Mortgage Trust) for the downpayment(s) on one or another of 2  Apt Houses
$100 increments, Click these tabs  (25% Penalty for Early Withdrawal )   (Phone:  1-217-942-9730 ; or
1-618-660-0074 for questions and answers).  For investments of amounts of other than those listed below, click
and carry out the button under a given sum more than once.


$100                $200                 $400              $500            $800            $1,000          $5,000      $10,000             $100,000

apartment houses in Jerseyille, IL (see below photos)  which currently net about $1 K- $2 K/